The wide brim fedora: where do I begin?

I’ve never been able to wear a fedora. We joke that when I put one on I’m transformed into a Guitar player in a Indie band. The hair slopes down the sides and I don a German and or Swedish accent…I am Bjorn, no longer Chandler.  My personal problems aside there’s no doubt that the fedora is a staple in the hat community, especially these days with the rise of the wide brim fedoras, quickly decorated with amazon feathers and a card. Not hating, every hat has a home (just not mine). Today I am going to make my first leap into the fedora world, which will be a ever evolving spiral of inconsistencies, because get this, we evolve. I will contradict myself and change opinions because that’s what being human is all about.

So let’s tackle the wide brim fedora! Starting first with color! The way we break this up in the shop and the way you should if you’re shopping with our without us is to first decide the color. I have found there are two camps. The fashionistas, they want a hat that’s going to be a pop of color, something loud and expressive. And then the every day users, they want something that’s going to be neutral and match everything. If you want that pop of color, this is easy, what your favorite color or favorite colored pair of shoes or jacket? Boom you’re done. It’s that simple. Now you have your peacocking hat, and you’re ready to fuck shit up and be the center of the universe.

If you are looking for something more neutral, first question. Do you wear warm colors or cool colors? Don’t ask me I’m colorblind (for real). If you wear warm colors, go bone white, or Sahara, if you wear cool colors go Bone or Silver belly. If you’re looking for a darker color. Do you wear a lot of black, huh here’s a idea, a black hat! Do you wears blacks and grey, go charcoal. And lastly do you wear creams, browns, tans, pretty much any color that you can find in a forest, go pecan or camel brown.

While that is a major over simplification, perhaps it might just be that simple. We find that when someone can’t decide what hat to get, they do nothing. And Nothing is rarely the answer. Sometimes you just don’t know what questions to ask. So I hope this was a good start. Next we will talk shapes, whenever I decide to do this again. Maybe tomorrow, maybe never again idk I’m going with the flow. 

Cheers y’all