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Step 1

So you’ve decided its time for a custom hat. When it comes to this initial conversation, we can use as much or as little info as you want to give us. Some folks just know, “Hey, I want a black hat.” Some folks know they want it covered in tattoos that match there favorite genre of movie. It doesn’t matter what info you know already, we always start at the same place: Color and Material. Please provide us with the color or colors that interest you; its okay to have more than one. If you know what material you want, fill it in. If you don’t know the difference, say, "I don’t know,” and we will explain everything first thing when we talk to you. Its that easy! Curious about the cost?
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While we are quite partial to beaver, I can say with authority that rabbit makes a lovely hat! The main difference is durability. Think rain storm. A beaver hat you could sit there all day, a rabbit hat would need some love and care after. If this hat is not an every day wear, go rabbit. If this hat is something you want to really, really last, like outlast you, go with beaver. Both are great. I own both. Its about your budget and to be honest, you really can’t go wrong with either. Because, if you mess it up, we certify our hats for life! Just send it back and we will spruce it up!

Step 2

This next step is in assessing how WILD you want to get with your hat. We revel in creating the classics, so if that’s you then we got you. Just say so. Now, if you're looking to get WILD, click on some of the options below as far as things that interest you so we can get an idea ahead of time!
Wild Styles:
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Step 3

Now that we have a basic idea of what you are looking for, its time for our favorite part. Let’s get to know each other! We will set up a free consultation and discuss the rest of the process. We treat our customers like family and we enjoy getting to know every single one of you! We love hearing your stories, your vision and your ideas! We have never heard an idea for a hat we couldn’t execute, so bring it on!
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Are you a hat person?
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Custom Hat FAQ

What's the price range for a custom hat?

While we use the highest quality materials for our hats, we do find our prices are fair, compared to the market. We are interested in making as many hats for as many folks as possible. I would argue 85% of our hats leave the shop between 600-800 bucks. For a custom beaver hat, you’re doing alright!

How long does it take?

Well, I’m sure you have heard, around the industry, nightmares of custom hats taking 6 months to a year. We don’t get down like that. We work our asses off and fingers to the bone to get you a hat within 2- 4 weeks, depending on the scope of the project. Good things take time!

What customizations are available?

We can paint hats, burn designs in hats, we can paint on burns, we can write your favorite quotes, we can draw a photo of your dog, we can draw your dog on vacation with another dog under a palm tree. I’m being silly but the point is, this is WILDHATS not MILDHATS! Whatever you want, we got you. Our mantra is say yes and figure it out later. There’s nothing we haven’t been able to figure out yet.