If you’re looking for something Wild and One of a kind you’re in the right place. Lets make something the world has never seen!

Chandler, Joe & The Wild Hatters

Two Ways to Get Wild:

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Go Custom

  • Step 1
    An Idea
    • Shape
    • Style
    • Color
    • Material
  • Step 2
    How Wild?
    • The icing on the cake
    • The accoutrements
    • The designs
    • How you make it stand out
 from the crowd!
  • Step 3
    A Moment of Your Time
    • A quick 15 minute phone call
    • A chance to talk through your vision
 with us!
    • Let’s get to know each other!
Let’s Get Started

Get Your Free Size Kit & Felt Swatch

Before we made hats, we bought hats. So we know the hardest part about a hat is hoping it fits. So here’s a little gift to make sure we nail it first try! If your interested in your first ever custom hat this is the best place to start!

What’s Included:

  • Head Measurer
  • Felt Swatch
  • A Free Consultation

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Wild Hats in the Wild

"I am honored to wear my hats in the WILD & to always be reminded of my Wildness <3"

Ryan Gosling rocking a Wild Hat for GQ Magazine.

Where the Wild Things Are

Our shop in Louisville specializes in creating high quality fur felt hats that last generations. Decorated in antique furniture and ephemera to inspire. Come visit us and let our artisans create you a one of kind piece of wearable art that is a reflection of your personality.