Shipping & Returns Policy

Production process

All of our hats are made to order custom in your size. 

Once we see the order come thru we will begin the process of creating your hat in your specific size. 

If you would allow it we enjoy sharing each step of your hats production journey. If you are not interested that is totally fine as well!

Hat orders have a current wait of 3-5 weeks  for fulfillment. This also Is determined by the materials and scope of the project. The process to create just the bespoke hat is around 2 weeks and the decoration timing adds from there.


We will always certify our work. If the hat is the wrong size or has come to you incomplete we will allow you to return it for the necessary changes at our own expense. Also if they are damaged from shipment (due to the incompetence of US shipping) we will replace or repair them at our discretion of course.

The customer is responsible for shipping costs of returned product if the error is on their part.


We do not provide refunds on any of our products.


Based on the choice you make at checkout. We offer a few different options and rush shipping is available with a heads up notice.