Sizing Your Head 101

Sizing Chart

51 cm6 3/8
52 cm6 1/2
53 cm6 5/8
54 cm6 3/4
55 cm6 7/8
56 cm7
57 cm7 1/8
58 cm7 1/4
59 cm7 3/8
60 cm7 1/2
61 cm7 5/8
62 cm7 4/4
63 cm7 7/8
64 cm8
65 cm8 1/8

For those who do not know their size! No shame its okay!

Let’s try to make this as painless as possible. Some people measure their head in inches, some people prefer centimeters.

Good news, Either works!

If you measure in inches just multiple by 2.54! Boom go MATH.

If you happen to wear fitted hats you can use that as well!

All you need!

So here is the plan

Using the listed tool, aka a measuring tape. Trace around your head right above the ears. Imitating how you want the hats sweatband to go around your head. Stop at the front of your forehead, preferable in front of a mirror and read where one end of the tape meets the other!

And boom you are all set!

If you need a follow up video let us know