Our Tale



 I am Chandler on the left, and I am Joe on the right, together we are The Wild Hatters.

We use the phrase "Born in Brooklyn, Raised in the Wild", because we have lived that phrase. The passion and creativity it took to become hat makers and designers always existed. It existed when we lived in Brooklyn, but it matured and was realized when we raised ourselves in the wild. 

We have 2 homes, the road and Louisville KY. They both provide us with so much inspiration and everything you need to create a sustainable brand. All of our materials are either found in the wild, naturally dyed or sourced or found in some hole in the wall antique store somewhere on the road. Our Beaver fur felts are American made at the last great American felt producer in the US. We pride ourselves on owning each part of our process. Hand-picking and handcrafting every piece of a hat, even down to our hat blocks which are carved from cherry wood found on our farm. 

Our Hats are for the ones with a wild streak, the ones who want to stand out. The ramblers, the gamblers and the trailblazers - the new nomads of society who are carving out their own paths in life. We are all on our own journey right now, but allow us to take a view into yours and create you the perfect hat for the party we call life. 


Your Wild Hatters