Arthur Morgan

The Details

  • Style: Western
  • Color: Black
  • Preferred Material: Rabbit Felt
  • Treatment: Burned
  • Brim Type: Western

Arthur Morgan’s hat is a fine piece of headwear that screams frontier ruggedness and old West charm. This here hat is a distressed fedora, crafted from sturdy felt, designed to withstand the harsh elements of the untamed wilderness. The crown, slightly pinched at the front, stands tall and proud, giving it that unmistakable outlaw silhouette. Distressed to all high hell to give it that signature leathery texture this is truly Arthurs hat.

Its brim, wide and flat with a slight lift, offers ample shade from the blazing sun, while the hatband, a simple yet elegant lasso style strap, cinches the look with a rustic touch. The color, a deep and dusty leathery black, adds an air of mystery and grit, perfect for a man of Arthur Morgan’s caliber. This hat ain’t just a piece of clothing; it’s a testament to the life of a true outlaw, a man forged by the trials of the wild frontier.

Shape: Low crow fedora with a western brim

Details: Distressed to have leathery texture featuring bear claw scratches.

Price range for Arthur Morgan:

Made Proudly in Louisville, KY

******All hats are made to order custom in your size. Once your order comes thru we will begin production process. Sharing every step of your hats journey if a contact is provided! Remember all hats are bespoke, production time is generally 2-3weeks. There are things we can rush but some things take time.

If you see a design and would like to change it, by all means! We love originality. Just purchase the hat that is closest to what you would like, then reach out and we will handle making the changes! Whether that’s a shape and size, different custom burn, feather or accessory, it’s all good we can change it. If the hat is perfect as it is, even better!

Materials are subject to availability, we deal in a lot of antique and vintage goods. This means Hat creations will be as close as possible to the original vision.

Please reach out before if you have any questions.

To Measure your head using a measuring tape. Trace around your head right above the ears. Imitating how you want the hats sweatband to go around your head. Stop at the front of your forehead, preferable in front of a mirror and read where one end of the tape meets the other! If you are in between sizes then either move the next size up or reach out and let us know and we can accommodate.

And boom you are all set!